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The Round Barn Brewery

With more than 30 years of fermentation experience and an award-winning reputation in the industry,our line of hand-crafted brews embody the satisfying bold taste you've come to expect from The Round Barn.

Below, you will find a listing of our
year round and seasonal brews.


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Black Magic

(ABV 5.80%)
Black Magic is a well balanced beer that puts stout characteristics at the front and compliments it with the addition of fresh Michigan black raspberries, which unlike reds are only available in July. The flavor starts out showcasing the roasted malts that define a good stout, then carried up by the sour sweet flavors of fresh black raspberries, and then finished with the delightful warming taste of gourmet chocolate. It's a seasonal specialty, a wonderful dessert beer whether you are craving a fruit beer or a stout.

Bob's Your Uncle

Available Year Round in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 4.80%, IBU 28

"Bob's Your Uncle" is a phrase used mainly in British and Commonwealth nations to conclude a simple set of instructions to mean "you're all set", "there you have it," or our favorite: "yadda, yadda, yadda". An easy-drinking session beer that is light in body and mouthfeel. There is a light caramel maltiness and very soft hop bitterness. Biscuit flavors take center stage while hops shy away from flavor additions resulting in a distinctly British character.


(ABV 5.40%)
This curry infused Black IPA has a slightly roasted notes met with an obvious and upfront hop character. The light addition of Maharaja curry is apparent and adds quite a bit of complexity while simultaneously balancing the acidity of the roasted malts. While nothing compare to this beer, its inspiration was drawn from the great life force that gives meaning to all things.


(ABV 10%)
This Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout is a full bodied beer, with an array of complex dark malt flavors ranging from roasted to carmel. The oak-aged bourbon barrel character is very transparent and pleasant where malty sweetness balances a smooth warm alcohol character. This is to date, the highest ABV beer tapped by the Round Barn Brewery.

Cream Dreams

(ABV 6.8%)
This black opaque, full-body brew has a very smooth and creamy texture complimented with vanilla sweetness and roasted malts. Everything creamy and a hint of fresh vanilla bean.

Dutch Oven

(ABV 7.8%)
The Dutch Oven is a warm and tasty brew, fruity yet clean, malty yet crisp. It has a medium body with a clean crisp texture followed by an ester character reminiscent of plum and grape.

Escaped Goat

(ABV 5.6%)
Crisp and bitter, very fruity with aromatic flavors of pine, citrus, banana, and clove. This beer is loaded with flavor, boasts a strong bitterness, and finishes smooth.

Farmer Dale

(ABV 6%)
This is an Extra Special Bitter (ESB) English Pale Ale. English Pale ales are divided into 3 subcategories: Ordinary bitter, special bitter, and extra special bitter. The lesser being weaker by gravity, alcohol, and bitterness, therefore ESB is a step up from Bob's Your Uncle.

Grape Expectations

Limited Availability in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 6.1%, IBU 12

Grape Expectations is a golden ale of brilliant clarity with a beautiful white frothy head. The ever popular Niagara Grape has a refreshing character which is perfectly accented by pink peppercorns. This provides an appealing spiciness that rounds out the finish of this fruity, yet delicately balanced ale.

Harmonious Prosperity

(ABV 6%)
A colorful example of an American Pale Ale with a twist.  This beer is powerfully aromatic and has an especially floral character. The carefully measured addition of Sichuan Flower Pepper augments the complex Willamette hop base to whole new levels of flavor.

Harvest Ale

Limited Availability on Draft
(ABV 6.40%)

A unique fresh wet hopped ale, a simple and satisfying American Pale; made only once a year. Aroma blends the traditional nose of American hops with scents of stone fruits and fresh bread. The components of the nose carry over into the flavor of the beer. The finish is simultaneously bitter and malty. This simple and satisfying American Pale is made only once a year!

Hi-Tech Redneck

Limited Availability in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 5.6%, IBU 20

Our version of the Kentucky Common Ale is dark, smells of chocolate, oak, and hints of bourbon. It tastes of chocolate and molasses, has a spicy touch from the rye addition and a distinctly creamy mouthfeel left by a corn adjunct addition. The finish is reminiscent of a sour mash character.

Hop Dealer

(ABV 6%, IBU 75)
American IPA - Like the hops used to brew it, it smells of citrus fruits like tangerine and lemon with hints reminiscent of fresh pine. It's an intensely hoppy and salaciously bitter American-style IPA designed for those with a real and deep passion for hops. A beer this light and hoppy, you could spend just as much time smelling it as you could drinking it!

Indecision Ale

Available Year Round in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 5.2%, IBU 15

Indecision (noun): Reluctance or an inability to make up one's mind. What started out as our Amber Ale several years ago has morphed into something that doesn't fit into a specific category. We struggled with what to call this: Red, Amber, etc. but nothing really captures the full character of this ale. In the end, Indecision became our decision. A copper colored ale with plenty of malt and hop character, this beer features a dark malt backbone that distinguishes it from anything else. If you can't decide what beer to drink, then Indecision is really your ONLY decision!

Ipso Facto

(ABV 5.8%)
The components of the nose carry over into the flavor of the beer. The beer smells and tastes like and American pale, slightly bitter though the finish is much more like a wheat ale. A great transition beer for those just starting to delve into the wonderful joys of bitterness.


Available Year Round in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 5.20%, IBU 12

Our Kölsch-style beer is not entirely traditional due to our use of American grown hops and malt but nonetheless, we challenge you to find a better version of this style ale. It's subtle malty sweetness with notes of biscuits and honey pairs well with spicy foods or by itself. Enjoy with friends and in good health.

Local Yokel

(ABV 5.20%)
This Belgian Blonde Ale is a highly refreshing beer sporting a particular Belgian taste, drink and be merry like the monks of old. Lighter than a Trappist Ale.

Oh Rye Goodness

(ABV 5.5-5.8%)
Mild malty notes with hints of caramel, nuts and rye. Smooth, with slight caramel and malt followed by spicy notes from the rye that finish balanced and clean. Enjoy the balance of the sweet malt and caramel notes with the great spice from the Rye towards the finish. Our Brewmaster likes to describe this beer as a hug from the inside, perfect especially when the weather starts to chill.

Oronoko Cocoa Stout

Available Year Round in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 5.8%, IBU 34

Oronoko is the name of our local township but when spelled "Orinoco" it's a type of cocoa that comes from the Orinoco River Basin in Central America, and the chocolate that is used in this chocolate milk stout. It has a dark opaque body with garnet highlights and pours creamy with a light tan head. Reminiscent of lightly roasted coffee and finishes with a definitive gourmet chocolate flavor. Contains lactose (milk sugar).

Peach Impediment

(ABV 5.6%)
A Peach Shandy with a drinkability that drives this monster; it reeks of pungent fruits such as peach, lemon, and tangerine which dominate the malt in every position. It has a light to medium body despite its face, yet finishes dry and tart and not without a remnant of sweetness which balances this abomination into a serendipitously-constructed summer shandy.

Reverse Psychology

(ABV 5.6%)
Mouth feel is crisp and clean, high apparent attenuation leave the finish dry and refreshing. The aroma is a strong blend of banana and clove with a subtle hint of citrusy fruit similar to tangerine. A light and refreshing German style wheat beer, brewed with Hefeweizen yeast. A great morning beer!


(ABV 6.30%)
Schwartz is a full-bodied dry stout, like Guinness, high levels of roasted malts contribute a robust flavor yet a high acidity which results in a very flavorful yet drinkable stout. Enjoy your encounter with the dark side and may the Schwartz be with you.


(ABV 6.75%)
Aroma is spicy and earthy, Newport hops are reminiscent of characters typically associated with English variety hops with an extra  oral that adds a bit of mystery to the hop character. Mouthfeel is smooth and crisp like a typical nitro pour, assertive hops bitterness and delicious earthy hop flavors.


Limited Availability in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 6.4%, IBU 12

We know you look forward to it all year, and that makes Vacation the perfect name for our seasonal Belgian Whitbier. A hybrid of an American wheat beer and a Belgian Wit style this ale is pale straw yellow with a slight haze from the wheat. It pours a lingering white head. It's fruity, slightly tart, and refreshing with a light, dry finish. Notes of orange, pineapple, and coriander. Perfect on hot summer days!

West Highland Scotch Ale

(ABV 7.50%)
Crafted with a blend of British malts and hops the West Highland is a smooth, full bodied brew that boasts a bold caramel backbone with subtle hints of hardwood smoke and coffee. The dark sugar flavors, light carbonation and warming alcohol content makes this beer a perfect choice for the colder months. Enjoy on its own or with a savory bowl of stew or spiral cut ham. Best served a bit on the warm side.

Wood Oaked IPA

Available Year Round in 12oz. Bottles & Draft
ABV 6.75%, IBU 42

From the first taste of this IPA you will pick up the fresh oak character and Cascade hop bitterness that gives this beer a balanced finish. Pairs well with Asian or Mexican dishes, grilled meats and of course, IPA's classic mate, Indian curry.