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To buy alcohol, we MUST have a copy of your Driver's License on file (not just the number).

Please fax to (269) 422-5038 or email a photo to

Due to image quality, faxes should also include your name and birthdate written on the paper.

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The Round Barn Distillery

Webster's definition of the "Philosophers stone", is the agent that transmutes matter into other forms. The Alchemists, scientist of the pre-renaissance era, were in search of this stone to, most notably, turn lead into gold.

We think we've found our Philosopher's stone - in a copper pot still. Our still is a refinement of the original Alembic, "onion head" stills of Arabic & Chinese origin. Distillers heated simple copper pots with hats which captured and condensed the alcohol and fruit flavors of wine into the "liquid essences of fruit" that we call brandies.

These brandies, including Cognac and Armanac, are made from grapes or other fruits. The fruit is picked and either pureed or pressed, then made into wine and immediately distilled. It is important to note that no preservatives are used in the entire process.

One ton of fruit will yield about 150 gallons of wine which when distilled will produce roughly 20 gallons of high proof (140) brandy. Needless to say, the key to cost effective production is finding quality fruits at bargain prices.

Our feeling is, once you experience the pure essence of fruit brandies and the sweeter fruit cordials with no artificial flavors, chemicals, or random elements of gold, you will forever forsake those godawful imitation products that led you astray before your age of reason... which was twenty-one? In vino veritas.